ANOTHER BILDERBERGER? Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s Pedigree Appears Pleasing to Our ‘Private Government’

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Unprincipled political ladder-climbers lucky enough to get the coveted “Bilderberg boost” tend to clear any remaining hurdles between them and high office.

Take Bill Clinton, whose attendance at the 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Baden Baden, Germany “coincidentally” presaged “Slick Willie”—already tainted from a string of apparent crimes and scandals as Arkansas’ governor—still managing against all odds to clinch the presidency, to become one of the most scandal-ridden national leaders in U.S. history, starting in 1992.

So, for two terms, the American people were saddled with everything from Chinagate, to the Monica Lewinsky White House sex scandal, to a resulting Clinton impeachment, to the strange death of attorney Vince Foster, a longtime friend of the Clintons and White House deputy counsel who was found dead, in what honest probes showed to be a staged “suicide” in July 1993.

But is another “Clintonista” regime, distant though it may seem, in the making? Well, we can’t be too careful, so let’s consider Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and his attendance at the 2017 Bilderberg Group meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.

McAuliffe, who, rather disturbingly, is a longtime friend of the Clintons, broke bread with the Bilderbergers for the first time June 1-4. Within a few days, he caught the nation off guard by floating the idea that he would like to seek the presidency, at such an eerily early juncture.

And call it mere chance, but on June 5, the day after Bilderberg concluded, McAuliffe also announced that Virginia and 12 other states “have formed an alliance to move forward on the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the federal government from the accord,” according to a news release from the governor’s office.

The mainstream press, meanwhile, ignored this Bilderberg meeting, taking place as it did in Chantilly—only about 45 minutes outside of Washington where the highly secretive group had met before on no less than three occasions.” — The TRUTH HOUND

But, while this writer, among other alternative media, was on the scene covering the 2017 Bilderberg meeting as closely as circumstances would permit, the press wailed nonstop, as the  meeting began, about “treacherous” Trump backing away from the Paris accord.

Notably, the Bilderberg cabal champions the “climate change” meme since it helps monopolize natural resources management and brings forth untold billions in profits to those in the Bilderberg network.


The Washington journal Politico noted: “McAuliffe still talks to Bill Clinton every day, sometimes several times a day. They’ve talked in passing about a White House run. The former president has said he’s supportive of whatever his friend does . . .”

As is the case with many of those who are members of, or otherwise attend, Bilderberg or the related Trilateral Commission meetings, socialist-style political views are intertwined with monopoly capitalism—a degenerate form of free enterprise rigged to artificially protect the super-rich.

“I’m trying to run a progressive state, putting progressive values out there. At the same time, making sure everybody has an opportunity for a job,” McAuliffe told Politico, adding that he’s pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-environment and anti-gun.

And McAuliffe’s resume shows he’s a handy asset to carry out political assignments dictated by the bankers, corporate titans and others in the Bilderberg private-governance network. Among other things, McAuliffe:

  • Was former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, 2001-2005.
  • Co-chaired President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign.
  • Chaired Hillary’s Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.
  • Was one of five Clinton Foundation board of directors members in 2004.
  • Is current chairman of the National Governors Association.

To further explain why McAuliffe’s pedigree make’s him suitable for the Bilderbergers, this 72nd Virginia governor also has “earned millions as a banker, real estate developer, home builder, hotel owner, and internet venture capitalist,” according to the Washington Post.

Furthermore, McAuliffe in 1985 helped found the Federal City National Bank in Washington. When McAuliffe, now age 60, was 30 years old, the bank’s board elected him to be the youngest chairman in the United States Federal Reserve Bank’s charter association.

And while McAuliffe and staffers raised a then-unheard-of sum of $275 million for Bill Clinton’s causes while he was president in the 1990s, after Clinton’s tarnished tenure ended, McAuliffe financially guaranteed the Clintons’ $1.35 million mortgage for their Chappaqua, N.Y. home, a deal which did raise ethical questions.

Moreover, as recently as May 2016, the FBI was probing if donations to McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign were illegal. A $120,000 donation from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang was investigated.

What’s more, Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, formerly ran an EB-5 visa-investment outfit named Gulf Coast Funds Management. It directed funds to GreenTech Automotive, a holding company then owned by McAuliffe. In May of 2010, GreenTech purchased Chinese electric car company “GTA MyCar” for $20 million. At that time, Gulf Coast and GreenTech, in what some saw as excessive political meddling, pressed U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to approve investments that could provide green cards for foreigners willing to front over $550,000 in principal and fees.

Lately, McAuliffe, evidently trying to polish his assumed presidential credentials, has been going beyond his gubernatorial duties and giving his views on federal issues such as a possible Obamacare repeal—which he opposes. And on Jan. 31, 2017, McAuliffe and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced that Virginia was joining the lawsuit Aziz vs. Trump, challenging Trump’s border-security executive orders, showing where McAuliffe comes down on border issues.

So, look for internationalist-minded McAuliffe to establish “beachheads” by trying to get discredited Democrats back into Congress in the 2018 mid-term elections and more “favorable” people into governor’s seats, thereby building a better base for what looks like a Bilderberg-blessed presidential run, if history—which honestly considered, shows there’s a Bilderberg role in king-making—is a reliable teacher.




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