Bagging the Bilderbergers: UK Column, TRUTH HOUND & 21st Century Wire Exposing Global Cities Scheme, Filling Void Left by Mainstream Media

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CHANTILLY, Va. — Things have been busy lately as this news site, along with certain other alternative-media entities, step up their efforts to do the job the mainstream media just won’t do, especially in terms of exposing the “deep state” in a factual, meaningful way. That, of course, brings think tanks and conferences like the Bilderberg Meetings into focus.

Before, during and after the 65th Bilderberg meeting (June 1-4, 2017),  The TRUTH HOUND, along with Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire and others, appeared on the widely watched UK Column News three times: June 2, June 5 and June 12. Scroll down to watch those three videos below.

The June 2 video covers the situation on the ground in Virginia as Bilderberg began and progressed, combined with some initial insights on the group’s agenda.

The June 5 video provides a Bilderberg wrap-up with more exploration of the group’s agenda and general goings-on. And the June 12 video provides a longer-range view—including revisiting and broadening the discussion about the controversial Global Cities program being carried out by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) and other elite groups on both sides of the Atlantic and linked with Bilderberg through common participants and companies.

Introducing the June 7-9 Global Cities Forum—CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO CLIP—hear CCGA President Ivo Daalder, a former U.S. envoy to NATO, describe in more explicit terms than ever before, the imperative of the “Bilderberg network” and its fellow travelers trying to mold the entire world into One World Ltd., and in so doing, use the Global Cities movement as leverage toward that end of creating one giant holding company with which to operate the world’s chief economic and political mechanisms. Especially watch the first 2 minutes and 60 seconds, if you choose not to watch the entire 1 hour, 25 minute video.

And watch for more on this TRUTH HOUND site, and the websites of UK Column and 21st Century Wire, for more in-depth Bilderberg reporting and reports on related matters, during and well after the Bilderberg Meetings conclude. We Are Change and Press for Truth also carry in-depth Bilderberg news.  Also, hear Yours Truly, The TRUTH HOUND on this radio show June 10, hosted by Swiss activist “Detlev” shedding light on Bilderberg. with some tentative solutions regarding such rule by the super-rich shared at the end of the 28-minute show. The show was part of the United We Stand radio marathon. Upon clicking that link, scroll down to the second “play” icon with the name Mark Anderson.






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