Oh, Canada?? Bilderberg Group Lying Low as 2019 Meeting Season Arrives

By Mark Anderson

While this writer in mid-to-latter April was given the usual “please be patient, Mr. Anderson” from the Bilderberg Group’s anonymous press office regarding exactly when and where that group’s highly secretive annual meeting will happen this year, a former colleague of late American Free Press Bilderberg hound Jim Tucker, who worked with “Big Jim” for several years covering Bilderberg before this writer did, said that he believes Europe has become too inhospitable for Bilderberg, at least for the time being.

Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist from Bristol, UK pointed out that “euro-skeptics” who oppose the euro currency zone and the European Union itself, including several candidates and politicians who want the national sovereignty of their home countries restored, are making headway and getting into political office, including in Germany.

In that context, it’s helpful to recall that the very creation of the EU was nurtured by Bilderberg.

According to Gosling, for the Bilderbergers to meet in Europe at a time of such strong anti-globalist sentiment and developments could prove damaging for them, especially in terms of bringing back unwanted, widespread publicity about Bilderberg—something the group has labored to control and reduce as much as possible in its more than six decades of existence.

That’s becoming evident now as the Bilderbergers wait longer than ever before this year to announce where and when their meeting will take place. For the 2018 meeting in Italy, there was an early leak from the Serbian government on Bilderberg that TRUTH HOUND/STOP THE PRESSES, in conjunction with American Free Press, reported in January of 2018. And in most past years the whereabouts of the upcoming meeting were known no later than May 1st, and usually much earlier—by April 1st or before.

“They could cause a lot of trouble for themselves meeting in Europe,” Gosling remarked, as Bilderberg prepares for its 67th meeting in 65 years. “They could end up on a lot of front pages, which they don’t want.”

Some of that was seen last year when Italian populist politicos in the Five Star Movement and other parties made some noise against Bilderberg’s meeting in Turin, Italy.  The coverage certainly was not “deafening,” but to Bilderberg—a transnational planning and networking outfit that pursues world government by bringing together the wealthy and well-connected from carefully selected fields in the public and private sectors—any sustained or meaningful coverage that doesn’t simply poke fun at Bilderberg’s opponents is darkly frowned upon.

Moreover, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper said it managed to briefly infiltrate the 2018 Bilderberg meeting in Italy. While the infiltration was limited and the resulting article was not, shall we say, up to AFP’s or Gosling’s standards, the development was another pushback against Bilderberg’s secrecy in Europe—the cradle of its birth in 1954 via Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and obscure European Movement organizer Josef Retinger. As UK International Security Professor Richard J. Aldrich of Warwick University has documented, CIA money helped fund the first Bilderberg meeting in the Netherlands at the Hotel de Bilderberg, hence the group’s name.

So, since Europe may prove too “hot” for Bilderberg for now and Bilderberg met too recently (2017) in the U.S. to return to the states—and while anything is possible when it comes to a group like this in terms of where they may meet—just where might they gather this year?

The belief of this TRUTH HOUND / STOP THE PRESSES news outlet, in cooperation with American Free Press, is that Bilderberg will likely convene in Canada, though that could not be confirmed as of the evening of May 19th.

The Bilderbergers last met in Canada in 2006 at the Brookstreet Hotel in the national capital of Ottawa. So, while a return to Canada is overdue, going back to Brookstreet would not be out of character. Bilderberg rather frequently returns to past venues (e.g., the group has met at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Va., several times, including 2008, 2012 and 2017).

But another, more august hotel in Ottawa where the “Bilderberg Meeting” (the formal brand name) could be held is the Hotel Fairmont Chateau Laurier, where some rooms book for more than $600 per night. It therefore has much more of the Bilderberg “pedigree” than Brookstreet, which often promotes itself as a family hotel.

However, a call to the Chateau the evening of May 9 revealed that there is a conference there only on May 29—not for 3-4 consecutive days in the latter-May to early-to-mid June time frame, as is the common ritual for the 140 Bilderberg attendees who mainly come from Europe and North America.

“It’s always a guessing game,” said Gosling, who warmly remembers working with Tucker—something this writer did three times, in 2010 through 2012. “The group always puts out a lot of bum steers to mislead the Bilderberg watchers.”

Indeed, author Daniel Estulin, another longtime Bilderberg watcher who in 2017 released a movie about Bilderberg, told AFP recently that even he is not sure where the group will meet in 2019, raising the possibility that the Bilderbergers are being unusually cautious and perhaps are trying to put the proverbial “publicity genie” back in the bottle and avoid hostile environments whenever possible.

But regardless of where the Bilderbergers may meet, the goal, this year and every year, should be to alert the people in and around the city in which they meet and roll out the “unwelcome mat” for such an undemocratic cabal that puts duly elected and appointed officeholders from the U.S. and elsewhere into compromising positions meeting with bankers, industry titans and Rothschild-connected media personnel who attend but don’t report—amid other inducements to undercut transparency, betray the public trust, initiate or strike new business deals with broad political and economic ramifications behind closed doors, and break one’s constitutional oath.

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