‘We Are Change’ Video Explores Vexing Questions Surrounding Bilderberg 2019

By Mark Anderson, THE TRUTH HOUND
[Photo credit: Miles Elliot, Type 1 Radio of me outside the Bilderberg Association “charity” office in London in 2018]

As the Bilderberg Steering Committee, which works on behalf of the Bilderberg Meetings Foundation, continues organizing the annual Bilderberg gathering at some posh hotel or resort somewhere in the Western world, the perplexing situation for 2019 is that the wholly anonymous press department of Bilderberg—listed at the secretive group’s official website without a phone number and physical address and without any media spokesmans’ names—has so far refused to answer all but two of several emails from the TRUTH HOUND / STOP THE PRESSES regarding where and when this off-the-grid world planning and networking outfit will convene this year.

The first reply, on April 24th, was simply a very short plea for me to be patient regarding when and where the Bilderberg meeting will happen this year.

I got a somewhat more detailed reply May 9th after I asked for details on Bilderberg’s operational procedures—inquiring how they go about addressing topics, apart from any positions taken. The reply to me was as follows:

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Thank you very much for your query.

As Bilderberg Meetings does not take any position on any of the topics that are being discussed by the participants, but merely wishes to provide a forum for others to share their positions, there simply isn’t any common position – nor any group statement. As a result, if you would approach various participants of last year’s meeting, you would get various different positions on any given topic – fully reflecting the nature of the annual meeting.

As always, we will make an announcement on the date and location of the meeting, and we will also share the agenda topics and full list of participants in advance.

Kind regards,

Bilderberg media team

Of course, the Bilderberg attendees are carefully chosen from a very like-minded pool of people, in terms of their more or less unanimous globalist anti-nationalist perspective. So, to say that someone questioning Bilderberg attendees “would get various different positions on any given topic” is unrealistic and almost amusing. The attendees may exhibit notable variations of their globalist perspective, but everything they say and do must be within the rigid framework of forced globalization; any would-be attendee who thinks otherwise would not be invited. And even if one renegade attendee managed to get in, he or she would be not be invited to return.

In the video posted above, journalists Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas of www.WeAreChange.org explore the situation for 2019. Will the Bilderbergers meet in Ottawa, Canada again this year, where they met in 2006? Or might they perhaps gather in Britain due to the deep-state manipulation of the delayed Brexit-exit there?

Bilderberg last met in Britain in 2013. So returning there is not out of the question, since a five- to six-year break from meeting in a given place is enough time to signal a possible return, especially when tumultuous events that greatly concern or affect Bilderberg are happening there.

The same goes for France, where the Yellow Vests are the most tangible expression of Europe’s populist uprising the Bilderbergers, who fear genuine populism, have ever seen.

The Bilderberg meeting has not taken place in France since 2003. Some speculate that the populist movement in Europe, as manifested by the Yellow Vest protests that have been rocking France for months, will spook the Bilderbergers and prevent them from meeting in Europe this year, including in France. That’s a compelling argument in some respects. But it’s by no means an absolute.

At any rate, what the Bilderbergers have actually talked about in the past, especially in recent years, is what matters most, with particular attention to the matters that were discussed and apparently implemented to whatever degree. One of the recent Bilderberg meeting topics that evidently became a reality is more internet controls, as noted in the above We Are Change video. As of this update, also see the latest Bilderberg video at www.truthstreammedia.com

Stay tuned for much more on Bilderberg 2019 and beyond in the coming days here at the TRUTH HOUND and at other key websites, including We Are Change, Truthstream Media, American Free Press, 21st Century Wire, UK Column, Press for Truth etc.

In the meantime here are some recent posts that address issues within the greater Bilderberg network:

1. CHATHAM HOUSE (origin of the Chatham House Rules adopted by Bilderberg)

2. The Council on Foreign Relation’s March-April 2019 edition of Foreign Affairs which reveals the thinking in Bilderberg intellectual circles about their tactics against a populist-nationalist uprising.

3. A recent Chicago Council on Global Affairs (the former Chicago CFR) meeting outlining specifics of Chicago’s formal entry into the internationalist Global Cities movement. Bilderberg’s 2014 meeting included Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution, a key player in this movement.


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