AUTISM-VACCINE COVERUP: RFK & Co. Nail Media Over its Unholy Alliance With Science Bureaucracy

TRUTH HOUND NOTE: The vitally important Feb. 15, 2017 National Press Club presentation and press conference led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., accompanied by actor Robert DeNiro and others (see video link of the conference directly below) represents not only a turning point in exposing the truth about the often crippling, sometimes deadly dangers inherent in modern vaccines containing mercury; just as importantly, the mainstream press, already under heavy fire for its severe ethical breaches covering Donald Trump’s campaign and the Trump White House, itself was called out for being a shameless protector of vaccine manufacturers and vaccine programs that are maiming and killing children.

And this extreme press bias continues, despite mountains of evidence showing a link between autism and the mercury in vaccines (in the form of thimerosal). Check out the video below and decide for yourself. (Note: Just a few minutes into this video, there was a technical problem, so there’s 2-3 minutes of dead time. Other than that, this one-hour-plus presentation, created by the World Mercury Project, is fine).

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