ON UK COLUMN NEWS: Exposing Brexit Bull & Google’s Illicit Information Control

By Mark Anderson / The TRUTH HOUND
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I was again honored to appear on the UK Column News Sept. 7, 2017 after a break. In this broadcast (see the You Tube link directly above) I technically served as co-presenter with UKC co-editor Mike Robinson.

Robinson and fellow UKC editor Brian Gerrish, better than any news reporters I know of, have exposed the sham of Brexit — by pointing out that a document drawn up under former British PM David Cameron, called “Best of Both Worlds,” provides the basis for the fake Brexit.

Cameron traveled around Europe prior to the Brexit vote and secured an “understanding” that would keep the UK and EU partnership alive under a different guise, so as to limit or even nullify the effects of a potentially successful “Brexit” vote, which of course is shorthand for Britain “exiting” the EU.

So, while the UK’s voters may have had the right impulse when they successfully voted June 23, 2016 to depart the European Union, that doesn’t mean that their “leaders” will actually implement the will of the electorate. Not by a long shot.

Thus, the coverage in this particular UK Column News episode is especially important, in that it explains how the Brexit scam is being administered, showing that there’s a behind-the-curtain operation which has a tendency to give the voters a false sense of reality and progress, so they cannot unify in time to protest.

Also see key updates on how Google is even worse than expected in terms of being the world’s “digital library and informational Federal Reserve,” so to speak. Funny thing is, the New York Times inadvertently exposed Google’s latest escapades, without even realizing the full import of its own reports.

Enjoy. Feedback is always welcome. Also see www.ukcolumn.org



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