Back to UK Column: ‘Gas Bag’ Mayors Keep Fussing Over Worldly ‘Warming,’ Plus Bundy Trial Recap, Other Key Issues

 [NOTE: The matter covered in the story below was also discussed during the above Jan. 15, 2018 UK Column News broadcast, where I connected via Skype and was co-presenter with UKC co-editor Mike Robinson]

By Mark Anderson, The TRUTH HOUND
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A planet ruled by cities represents a new paradigm of global governance—of democratic glocalism rather than top-down imposition, of horizontalism rather than hierarchy, of pragmatic interdependence rather than outworn ideologies of national independence . . . the foundations for this new world are being erected in our age as cities collaborate.

If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities by the late Benjamin R. Barber, founder of the Global Parliament of Mayors Movement

THAT ABOVE QUOTE by all indications is the credo of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy—which was created by the European Commission in 2008. The group went mercurial last June when U.S. President Trump gave a cold shoulder to “global warming” by announcing he was distancing America from the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Coincidentally or not, Trump made the announcement in early June of 2017, right when the 65th Bilderberg Meeting was taking place a short distance from Washington in Chantilly, Virginia.

A longtime Bilderberg-connected news organ, the Washington Post, trounced Trump for his Paris stance all weekend long, as the elite, secretive Bilderberg gathering concluded on June 4. Bilderberg’s core organizers follow the climate-change “party line” to the letter, which involves the leveraging of carbon credits as yet another profiteering scheme dressed in the seductive garb of “saving the world.”

So, it’s no surprise that those who want to rescue the world are awash in financial resources. Some of that is due to the leadership of people like former New York mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, among other deep-pocketed connections.

This mayoral vanguard, miffed that Trump would even utter a word against the Paris Agreement, bided its time and hit back by holding its first-ever North American Climate Summit Dec. 4-6 at Chicago’s Sheraton Grand Hotel, in collaboration with the city of Chicago. Yet only 50 mayors from across the world attended, amid lofty claims that 7,500 cities are under the sway of the covenant’s “climate change” worldview.

All of the attending mayors have gone on record, without any known dissent, that climate change caused by humanity’s industrial, agricultural and other routine emissions is an unchallengeable fact. Accordingly, they no longer traffic in more precise terminology like “global warming.”

They instead, of course, utter the nebulous “climate change” mantra nonstop. That way, seemingly unusual temperature shifts, or highly severe storms, drought etc., all can be attributed to humanity’s routine atmospheric emissions, without regard to other possible causes.

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