TRUTHHOUND on UK Column Roundtable: Reviewing the Good, Bad & Ugly of 2017

Remarks by Mark Anderson The TRUTH HOUND
Stop the Presses News & Commentary

The year 2017 was a tumultuous one, with the UK government’s apparent Brexit fakery becoming more obvious by the day as the year rolled by. To get a handle on Brexit and other crucial issues, I appeared via Skype on the Dec. 18, 2017 UK Column News broadcast (See You Tube link directly above) with regular hosts Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, along with Alex Thomson of Eastern Approaches and Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire. It was a robust roundtable discussion.

Thanks in large measure to the UK Column’s reporting, in conjunction with that of Henningsen, Thomson, and to some extent myself (Yours Truly, Truth Hound) of Stop the Presses News, among several others, the reality of Britain’s integral role in the new European Union army was fully exposed.

The problem is obvious: How can the UK exit the EU if it’s a member of the European Superstate’s army?

This military integration is one of the main revelations which shows that the UK’s June 2016 “Brexit” vote to exit the European Union was little more than a “straw poll,” a kind of dramatic survey, to gauge the impulse of the British electorate without, however, any serious plan to act on the affirmative vote of over 17 million Brits to leave the EU.

Regarding other subjects, I offer some preliminary remarks in this same UK Column broadcast on the completed CETA trade accord between Canada and the EU, which in a more indirect way feeds into the Brexit scam.

Plus Henningsen reviews the amazing work that UK roving journalist Vanessa Beeley has carried out, with assistance from him, in exposing the White Helmets in Syria and the manner in which the British government has clandestinely funded terrorist factions in the Syrian civil war.

I invite you to watch this extra-special UK Column News episode. The basic agenda of the roundtable is as follows:

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson, Patrick Henningsen and Mark Anderson discuss the main stories of 2017, and take a look at the year ahead.
START – Brexit & EU: The Best of Both Worlds document
04:16 – TTIP, TPP: Trade agreements being done by the back door…?
14:17 – EU military unification: UK Column got it right
31:09 – Newsweek: Putin is preparing for WWIII…
41:03 – Google: The evil monopoly – the corporate control of news
54:48 – Looking forward to 2018…

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