Early Leaked ‘Bilderberg’ Documents Show UK’s Economic, Military Future Preordained

Most Britons were kept in the dark while their destiny was secretly decided long ago

By Mark Anderson / The TRUTH HOUND
STOP THE PRESSES News Association

Starting in the 1950s when the super-secretive Bilderberg Meetings were assembled in the Netherlands, industrialist William Henry “Harry” Pilkington (1905-1983) attended the group’s first-ever meeting at the Hotel de Bilderberg in 1954, hence the name given to these off-the-grid meetings of the ultra-well-connected from high finance, the corporate world, government, Dutch royalty, the military and compromised media moguls, among others—including Silicon Valley  figures such as Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt, and several other billionaire (and usually intelligence-connected) techies like Alex Karp of Palantir Technologies. Interestingly, recently leaked Bilderberg meeting records from the group’s early days—which include detailed accounts of the procedures and talking points from eight Bilderberg meetings in the 1950s, 1960s and in 1980—show that, at least as far back as 1962, the elite Bilderberg attendees were pre-setting the dials for Britain’s entrance into what was then the European Economic Community (EEC).

But what serves as an illustration of Bilderberg’s long-term, behind-the-curtain influence is that the average Briton in the early 1960s had no clue that their nation was being primed by an unknown private assemblage for joining the EEC—let alone discerning the nature of an “economic” grouping that would evolve into the increasingly dictatorial European Union, from which the UK would try to break free some 54 years later in the “Brexit” referendum.

Interestingly, British activist Justin Walkerwho is the late Sir Pilkington’s nephew-by-marriage; see above photo of Justin’s mother’s sister, Lady Pilkington, with Harry—told STOP THE PRESSES (STP)  that, given his extended conversations with his uncle growing up, he feels that Pilkington himself, who by all accounts was a personable man who enjoyed gardening and was not himself any kind of acute “global menace,” still surely would have known that the “Bilderbergers” were quietly helping shepherd the UK into the EEC in the early 1960s. After all, Pilkington, as noted, was “in” from the start, having attended the very first Bilderberg meeting. And the key founder of Bilderberg, Josef Retinger, an enigmatic figure who assisted Dutch Prince Bernhard in creating the Bilderberg Meetings, was obsessed with consolidating Europe and would leave no stone unturned—including ensuring Britain would be integrated into his European project.

However, the average Brit did not have an inkling about early-1960s plans to hitch the UK’s destiny to “the common market” (a.k.a. the EEC).

“And the UK referendum to officially join the EEC didn’t happen until 1975,” Walker recalled.

This illustrates how Bilderberg’s machinations proceed long before “official” announcements are made to the public. “I would certainly say that the average person did not know anything about what was being planned. Later in the 60s—1968, ‘69—is when the public debate started getting going,” added Walker, who implicitly understood from his encounters with his Uncle Harry that the world was governed in a manner that greatly differed from how most people believe it’s governed.

That dovetails into well-known quotes from famous British statesmen who were in a position to know the score. Speaking before the House of Lords on March 2, 1770, William Pitt observed that “There is something behind the throne greater than the king himself.” The next century, British statesman Benjamin Disraeli expressed a similar sentiment when he wrote, “The world is governed by a different personage from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

British monetary reform author and former business owner John Briggs of Hastings, UK, now 82, concurred. “It was all foisted on us way back then,” he told STP, referring to Bilderberg’s moves in the 1950s and into the 1960s to prepare the British for what would eventually become EU membership.  “And I don’t know if they’re ever going to actually let us out of the EU.”

The leaked, authentic Bilderberg records are a small but valuable part of a large documentation collection released by WikiLeaks that surfaced or re-surfaced in early-to-mid December, amid questions over whether it constituted an especially large and sudden new data “dump.” While some of the information may have surfaced before, the highly varied contents include documents, memoranda and articles about Europe, the Middle East, China etc. And it includes some emails of former Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta, as well as emails of his former boss’s wife, Hillary.

The leaked record from the May 18-20, 1962 Bilderberg meeting in Saltsjobaden, Sweden at the Grand Hotel contains a passage on Page 31 (as numbered in the original document) which refers to “an American report” that was provided to the meeting’s attendees. That report, in part, stated:

The European Community must not only expand geographically (and here the entry of Great Britain and other countries will constitute very important milestones) but must also extend its field of action in political and military matters. Europe must be united as rapidly as possible in the political and military fields.”

Notice the repeated use and the context of the word “must,” which, especially in the sense of flatly declaring that “Europe must be united,” clearly contradicts the ongoing claims of Bilderberg’s totally anonymous “media-relations” department that the group’s meetings are just a retreat where the influential denizens of society can vent steam and talk off the record, simply to reach a better understanding of political, economic and technological trends.

The same 1962 meeting record goes on to note: “The [EEC] is developing simultaneously along three separate lines” which were: The need to move “rapidly towards the culmination of the Common Market envisaged by the Treaty of Rome,” as well as  “the present negotiations with the UK, Denmark and Ireland, etc., leading toward a larger geographical scope and enlargement of the [EEC’s] base,” and, thirdly, “the negotiations among the Six for a new treaty on political and defence cooperation. . .”

Notably, “the Six” refers to the six nations that comprised the EEC at that time, under the 1957 Treaty of Rome: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany. Moreover, the UK, Denmark and Ireland all initially joined the EEC in 1973, with the UK’s 1975 public vote having asked the voters whether to stay in. They voted “yes.”

So, not only was Britain’s entry into what became the EU basically preordained via the Bilderberg Meetings, the above-noted quotes also indicate that another Bilderberg-nurtured “bullet in the chamber” was deeper military and defense “cooperation.” Deprived of its cloak of modesty, the word “cooperation” here really means a mandated integration, sooner or later.

Mike Robinson, editor of UK Column News, noted that, over the last 2-3 years, there has been talk of a nascent “European Defence-Military Union” that has yet to fully emerge. However, Robinson added that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen estimates that, roughly by 2025, not only will a EU military organization likely exist, but NATO’s membership will be reduced to having only “”the EU” listed as a member, with the individual European nations now involved no longer listed. Thus, NATO would chiefly consist of the EU, the U.K., the U.S., and Canada.

If that happens, with a parallel European Union military presumably up and running, NATO, according to its chief and frequent Bilderberg attendee Jens Stoltenberg, would re-focus its military strategy toward China under the rubric of “NATO 2030,” Robinson, an astute geo-political analyst, explained.

That would fit into the larger Bilderberg-abetted context that this reporter has noted for years: That Bilderberg, having formed in 1954 via CIA money, as documented by British Professor Richard J. Aldrich of Warwick University, was from the very beginning out to create a “United States of Europe” to achieve rough parity with the U.S.

And this would involve not just the seemingly helpful promise of “economic union” that was sold to European and British citizens to snare them in the Common Market/EEC/EU (which “humbly” started as a coal and steel co-op) but also monetary, defense, fiscal and banking union—most of which has come to fruition—in part due to the largely hidden hand of Bilderberg.

A capstone of this decades-long enterprise is to end to the current practice of each EU nation having a central bank and printing its own Euros. Under the increasingly powerful European Central Bank, often represented at Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission meetings, that practice is slated to sunset with the ECB assuming full central control of each EU nation’s monetary policy, said Robinson.

He also noted that not only were the vast majority of (if not all) Britons unaware in 1962 that their nation was being covertly herded into the EEC; the few that did eventually learn about it misunderstood—and largely still fail to grasp—the EU’s true nature. Even the successful June 2016 “Brexit” vote, which still has not culminated in a full British exit from the EU, was limited, in terms of the public concerns that sparked Brexit, to immigration matters and how much money Brits have had to fork over to the EU bureaucracy.

Therefore, in the final analysis, the slow, often painful Bilderberg-backed project to essentially erase traditional Europe from the map and replace it with a bureaucratic “uni-state” took Britons largely unawares. And to this today, the EU continues to torment the U.K. and the European continent with red tape, heavy taxes and regulations, amid an ever-tightening noose of consolidation along all key lines.

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