Secretary of State Kerry Tells Chicago Council ‘TPP or Bust,’ in Plea for Treacherous Trade Treaty

America’s top diplomat seems more fixated on advancing trade and conquering terrorists than advancing diplomacy, to protect the ‘rules-based liberal order’


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at The Royal Institute of International Affairs, at Chatham House, in London, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. Kerry and Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif have been voted as the winners of this year's Chatham House Prize. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at The Royal Institute of International Affairs, at Chatham House, in London, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. Kerry and Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif were named the winners of this year’s Chatham House Prize. (AP Photo)

CHICAGO, Ill. – Secretary of State John Kerry’s Oct. 26 address to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) was largely an urgent call for Congress to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)—the 12-nation trade and investment treaty that centers on the Asia-Pacific region but extends to the NAFTA nations of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. A few days later, he addressed the CCGA’s cousin in the UK, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Kerry’s evening delivery of the Louis B. Susman lecture at Chicago’s downtown Hilton could just as well have been delivered by U.S. Trade Rep. Michael Froman, as Kerry fixated on world trade and economics, portraying the TPP as the undeniable ticket to the promise land for America and the other TPP nations that together represent 40% of world GDP.

His remarks evidently were timed to “set the dials” and help influence Congress to approve the final TPP enactment legislation soon after the Nov. 8 election.

Through even more trade, Kerry said he wants to pursue the “95%” of the world’s consumers, who live outside the U.S., because if U.S. exports do not reach those external purses and wallets, the U.S. economy will never grow.

But that statement revealed that Kerry is unaware that selling massive amounts of exports, as the supposed key to economic nirvana, collides with the fact that all nations lack sufficient internal purchasing power to buy what rolls off the production line and liquidate prices in each production cycle. That’s because there is a huge, corrosive defect to overcome: Labor is a cost factor in production and carries over into final prices, but production creates more costs than employment income can ever cover.

TRUTH HOUND NOTE: Therefore, there’s an urgent and growing need for boosting the money supply, via a freely-given citizen allowance, or dividend of interest-free money as a grant and not through loans, in proportion to production data. The goal is to bolster consumer buying power and finally balance production and consumption, which would fix this major worldwide economic defect. It must be fixed, otherwise many other problems will remain unsolved. See the website to see what I mean. Also see and

Note to Mr. Kerry: This would bolster internal consumer purchasing power so companies can sell at least most production within their domestic economies and reduce the artificially induced need for break-neck exporting and an overreliance on trade deals. 

At the very least, this dividend, paid debt-free to everyone as a stream of income that does not come from employment, would supplement work income. Over time, due to the major advances in automated production that are a natural fruit of progress, it could replace work income in increments and create a much freer, rather more leisurely society where most people, due to having more time and more money, could pursue their true calling of whatever nature and become more politically involved, whenever necessary. And that dividend-supplement is sorely needed to fix the huge defect mentioned above, by closing “the gap” between our lack of purchasing power and the far larger totality of price structures and public and private debts.

This gap closure is crucially important because automation’s constant growth reduces the proportional need for human labor to produce goods and services. The audio-video TROUGH THIS LINK explains this deeper and with great clarity.

But so far, those like Kerry and the CCGA seem interested in keeping a system that they and others of their ilk can control, not what would actually serve humankind of all classes and creeds, although some CCGA programs have mentioned the paradox of dealing with automation while maintaining incomes for the population.


“If we were to see the TPP rejected, it’d be a giant self-inflicted wound on our nation,” Kerry, a former Massachusetts Senator (D), told the CCGA and guests, with ample pomposity. “And our credibility as a country, with any country with which we’re trying to negotiate, would be in doubt.”

Absent the TPP, he said, American workers would be “hurt,” the economy would “slow” and America’s ability to “advance a full range of . . . objectives in a region that’s important to our future” would falter. He didn’t say if the sun would refuse to shine or if the rivers would run in reverse.

But when Kerry says “our” future, to whom is he really referring when he speaks of the TPP’s beneficiaries?

Clues are found in other parts of his Oct. 26 speech, and in another CCGA program just covered by Yours Truly: The Oct. 18 speech by former NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  [Stay tuned soon for another story on the CCGA’s Oct. 24 populism symposium].

Rasmussen declared that Americans “whether they like it or not,” mustn’t hesitate in their support of the U.S. being the world’s permanent police force—and that the military’s central purpose is, get this, to protect the “rules-based liberal democratic world order.”

But the current “rules-based world order” phase, born in earnest at the 1944 Bretton Woods, N.H. conference, in essence is a banker-run “constitution” that America’s armed forces have long been deputized to protect.

The Bretton Woods agreement, a precursor to the Bilderberg Meeting’s formation 10 years later, seeded the World Trade Organization and created the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

It has become clearer than ever that Bilderberg’s core task is to carry Bretton Woods forward and add to, or modify, its components based on technological, economic and political changes, while keeping the basic building blocks in place through networking and status reviews — THE TRUTH HOUND.

Kerry announced an Oct. 31 London diplomatic meeting to discuss the status of Libya—a shattered nation that NATO forces, however, all but destroyed in 2011. And he pointed to the Iran nuclear deal (to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon) as a major diplomatic achievement, given his leading role in the talks. He also expressed hope that the International Syria Support Group, whose members include Syria and its ally, Russia, will reach an agreement to end the warring there, toward a “secular . . . transitional government,” put in place by new elections.

But besides that veiled call—behind the mask of “diplomacy”—for removing already-elected Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and apart from his remarks on the Iran deal and the TPP, Kerry sounded less like the nation’s top diplomat and more like a war cabinet member.

So, with customary American hubris—a worldview that won’t inwardly admit any wrongdoing by America but delusionally assumes freedom’s enemies can only exist elsewhere—Kerry spoke in often militant terms in Chicago, especially in his assessment of terrorism since 9-11.

He hammered the “Daesh” terrorist faction. “Daesh” is an Arabic language acronym for the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group. Many government figures refuse to dignify ISIS with the words “Islamic State” so Kerry, like other officials, uses the Daesh term as a slight against ISIS.

“Daesh is guilty of genocide and we will hold Daesh accountable,” Kerry pontificated, while claiming American soldiers have [allegedly] fully liberated Fallujah and other Iraqi towns. He also claimed ISIS hasn’t had any successful offensives since May 2015.  But Kerry did not mention Israel’s genocidal, apartheid policy toward Palestinians, nor was American connivance with Al Qaeda in Syria—the very faction blamed for 9-11 terrorism—included on Kerry’s list of achievements to note and foes to conquer.

And as a fervent believer in climate change, he discounted dissent and called for a “low or no carbon” future, while saying Europe must continue pursuing U.S.-backed efforts to become energy independent so Europeans can cut their usage of Russian energy and bruise Russian leader Vladimir Putin economically.

Yet, that involves sending Europe liquefied natural gas and other “fossil fuels” whose combustion emissions trap heat and supposedly cause global warming—a contradiction that Kerry didn’t seem to catch. But “business is business” when it comes to enforcing a rules-based world order as the new constitution of the ages.

Viewed objectively, that model is far more deceptive and potentially more menacing than some eventual ISIS-backed Islamic “Caliphate” that our war-prone top “diplomat” warned about in Chicago in stark terms.

After all, a ‘caliphate’ of central bankers and their proxies is already here, and the CCGA is chief among the think tanks that sponsor the programs and compose the ‘authoritative’ studies that keep the government-corporate-banking alliance intact and functioning — THE TRUTH HOUND concludes. 









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